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What exactly is Google Adsense

Most people who want to make money online starts with adsense not knowing what adsense is. This is sure a wrong way to start. This is why we are starting this blog with knowing waht adsense is and how to make real cash from it.

This blog is purly focused on Adsense, Blogging, Templates tricks and tips with all the necessary resources that will bring success.

Adsense also known as google adsense is an advertising program own and operated by Google, the most visited site in the whole of internet. Just think of Google and you like a news paper that advertises on their classified pages and other adverts to readers of the news paper.

Google uses their Google Adwords program to have owners of products and websites to advertise on search engine for traffic and exposure to the advertiser's site. Google is paid when a visitor searches on google and click through to the website of the advertiser.

Google in turn now partners with website owners to display such ads relevant to their content and pay them based on traffic generated from such site. This is called Google Advertising Sense known as Google Adsense.

To start participating in Adsense program, all you need is a free or paid website with nice content and apply to get approved by google.

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